Freezing my $%* off in Zion

This post was from the middle of January 2008:

So I headed over to Zion National Park in Utah this weekend to buy myself a drysuit and submerse myself in freezing water. All very successful. I went into Keyhole canyon, which is a short  technical canyon. What this means is that it requires rappelling and swimming and things like that. There was much freezing cold water, although there was no ice in the technical part of the canyon since the water was running. Essentially each rappel, and there were around 6 or 7 of them dropped into a pool of deep water which you then swam out of, pulled down the rope, turned around, set up a rappel and repeated. Once the rappels were done there was a hundred feet or so of narrow cave (around 3 feet wide) which you swam through until you reached the end of the cave/canyon. Anyhow this is a long way of saying the dry suit got a good workout, and it worked very well.

The next day I headed up the narrows which involved hiking around 6 miles of canyon, wading most of the time. It was spectacular, and the drysuit again worked perfectly although it might have been overkill for this particular application.

On the last day I headed up to angels landing, but due to much ice I decided that discretion was the better part … anyhow I continued up the west rim trail to some of the highlands on the west side of the canyon.

Needless to say I took lots of pictures of all of this and of course that is what this whole missive is about.

I tried to cut the number of pictures down to a manageable quantity for each gallery, but the narrows one is still a little unwieldy. Anyhow, be warned and enjoy the pictures.

Keyhole canyon and overlook trail:

the narrows:

the west rim trail:


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