New Year 2008

Here we go, from January 2008 (most posts won’t be this link heavy, I learned my lesson after a few mails like this and tried to keep links to a single gallery per mail, ah experience!):

Happy new Year everyone,

Its been a while since I posted anything, but, unfortunately, that means I have a whole lot to post. I bought a new camera, the Nikon D3, late in December and I’ve been pointing it at anything and everything since. I’ve tried to keep each gallery as brief as possible, but there are a lot of galleries to look at. I realize many of you won’t really have any free time to look at these, but if you do I hope you enjoy them at least a fraction as much as I enjoyed taking them. Anyhow, without further ado here they are:

These are pictures I took while visiting my family in Ottawa before christmas. They are all taken with my mother’s camera, a fuji finepix s5 pro, which she was kind enough to let me use since my new camera had not arrived and my old one was in being repaired. They had more snow there then had ever been measured in December, which made it very pretty.

Once I had my new camera I needed to test it out. One of its strengths is its low light performance, so I went to take sunset pictures in Marina del Rey, and to the Aquarium of the Pacific in long beach, where I got much better pictures then I ever had before. Then I headed up to one of my favorite spots, Huntington Gardens in Pasadena.

For New Years eve and the week after I went down to San Diego to visit with my friend Anne, and her extended family. While I was there we visited the Wild Animal Park, and went tide pooling, and here are some pictures of those adventures.

Since it was overcast and rainy in LA when I returned there wasn’t that much interesting to take pictures of, but I had the bug so I headed down to the Santa Monica Pier to try out the D3’s low light capacity underneath the pier.

It was raining hard for a few days here after I got back, but on Monday it was a glorious day with the skies washed clear. Rain in LA means snow in the mountains, so I headed on up to the Angeles crest with some snow shoes and experienced one of the most beautiful days and sunsets I have ever seen. This means that this particular gallery is much larger then any of the others, but there was so much to see …..

Anyhow, please enjoy the pictures. You will find smugmug has made some changes to the site. For instance if you scale your window the page scales with it, to the point where you can stretch it across multiple monitors and get a really incredible viewing experience. You might want to try experimenting with the different viewing modes as well (look at styles in the upper right of the screen) since you may prefer a different viewing mode then the default.
So, sorry for the large post, but Happy new year once again and I hope to talk to you all soon.

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