a visitor to LA

At the end of July 2008 my mother came to visit from Ottawa and we went out with our cameras to see the sights. As usual I took far too many pictures:

My mother is visiting this week and as a result I am taking in the sights of Los Angeles and doing lots of photography. Since I  would rather not do what I did in my last email and oversaturate it with so many pictures that no one actually looks at them I’m sending out what I have taken so far now, with more to come. These galleries are also more compact then last week’s were.

Anyhow, to business. The first gallery has pictures from walking around downtown LA between the Disney Concert hall and the Bradbury building:

The next has pictures taken around the Venice Piers, the canals, and the Santa Monica Pier (thats my mother in photo 17):

the last one for now has just a few pictures from the Getty Villa:

also in case you are interested, here are my mother’s takes on the same subjects.

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