Did I say I’d learned my lesson?

Apparently the lesson about too many galleries in one post had not set in yet by the end of February 2008:

Well I know it has been a little while since I have sent out any pictures, but I haven’t been completely remiss. I’ve been busy acclimatizing to a new job at Rhythm and Hues (congrats to all involved on the Academy Award winning “Golden Compass”). I’ve actually been taking some pictures, just not organised enough to get them online. I’ve finally managed to wade through them all and here are then newest galleries:

These are pictures I took at a beach ultimate tournament in Santa Monica. I hadn’t heard about it until it was too late or I might have played instead.

These are pictures I took at the Disney Concert Hall one Saturday when I had to clear out of my apartment because the Adela, my cleaning lady, was in, and I didn’t have anything exciting planned.

A long weekend with not much planned, what do I do? Take a few pictures of course. Most of the are taken at a stream in the San Gabriels under Strawberry Peak, near Colby Ranch

Rain actually does happen in LA occasionally so I took a few pictures of it. I then headed out to Point Dume and Point Mogu to see if I could get some nice threatening clouds or rain on the beach and it all cleared away on me, so I took pictures of whatever was there.

Anyhow, I have tried to keep each gallery reasonably concise so it won’t be too painful to look through them. I’m sure there are some weaker images I could have left out but I’m still working on the editing thing. For now, however, enjoy!

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