gardens, man made and natural

Almost summer time in 2008 and the canyons continued to be fun. This time I included a little visit to Huntington Gardens, which is a beautiful place:

I actually had 2 days off this weekend for Memorial day so I got to play around a bit. I hadn’t been to Huntington gardens in a little while, and the cactus were in bloom. Also the new Chinese Garden had opened up and I wanted to take a look at that as well. Given that it was a holiday weekend, it came as no surprise that the gardens were packed with people, so it wasn’t as relaxing a day as it usually is, but it was still very beautiful. I will have to go back sometime and try to do the new Chinese gardens more justice, but what can you do. Anyhow here are pictures of flowers and things so if you aren’t interested in those don’t bother following this link:

Yesterday I managed to find someone to do a canyon with me so we set out to do Eaton Canyon. This canyon involves lots of swimming and high jumps off cliffs into water and slides, as well as a couple of spectacular rappels in waterfalls (the last one in front of a large audience) so I didn’t bring my good camera with me. These are all taken with my little pocket Olympus Camera, which being waterproof is handy in this sort of situation. I’m sure I will have to go back and do this canyon again with the big camera to do it justice, but in the meantime this will have to do. The pictures and video really don’t show how beautiful this canyon is or how much fun it was to do. The person wrapped from head to toe in black neoprene, like a water ninja, is me, the other person in the workmanlike coveralls and yellow dry suit is Jamie. Enjoy!

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