independence day weekend 2008

A busy weekend for me, but at least I put all the pictures in one gallery, maybe I was catching on? Or not:

Independence day weekend was a busy one for me this year. I learned to climb trees arborist style, went to rock climb at Tick rock for the first time, did the traditional BBQ for the 4th, did possibly the hardest adventure hike/canyoneering adventure I have ever done, went out to brunch and dinner, and went on a 40 mile bike ride. The bike ride was interesting, coming as it did the day after I did the 11 mile, 11 hour, bushwacking, trail finding, vertical scrambling, Great Falls of the Fox. I hurt my calf on the hike as well, but it didn’t bother me much cycling. After all that, though I could barely walk Sunday. I ran out of gas for taking pictures on Sunday, so there are none from the brunch,cycling, dinner, but Friday and Saturday I got quite a few interesting pictures.

Of note are the pictures of the fire near Malibu Creek, which cut our tree climbing expedition short. Also if you look carefully you will see the picture of a Horny Toad that we saw on the hike up to the Fox Canyon. I’ve never seen a Horny Toad before, and they are incredibly prehistoric looking. If you scaled them up you would have something Godzilla would be afraid of. I always thought that “Great Horny Toad” was just something that Yosemite Sam used to say on Bugs Bunny, but apparently they actually exist.

Without further ado here are they pictures. They don’t really convey the scale and feeling of the granite cathedral that is the Great Falls of the Fox, but I did what I could. Enjoy!

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