once more to Lytle creek

I was so excited about this canyon I went through it twice in a couple of weeks in May 2008. It continues to be awe inspiring every time I visit it:

Well, I went back to the Middle Fork of Lytle creek because I had so much fun last week and I wanted to take some pictures which weren’t underexposed by 2 stops. It was just as wonderful this time around. Some people have suggested I post some video of the canyoneering, so, aiming to please, I obliged. The first picture in the gallery is not a picture its a video. As I type the site is still digesting the video, so I don’t even know how it will look on the site, but hopefully it will look great. There is a part in the middle where the camera is essentially just dangling from my pack while I rappel, so people who get seasick might want to beware. Other then that it should be fine. The music behind the images is Charles Mingus’ “Tensions” from the album “Blues and Roots” for those who are interested. Anyhow, here is the link:



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