up on top of the San Bernardino’s

In the beginning of September, 2008, shortly before I broke my ankle, which curtailed all such activity I did a big-ass hike and canyoneer day, this was the post about it:

So on Saturday I headed up with a group of friends I hooked up with on the American Canyoneering Association website to hike up Mt. San Gorgonio then do a canyon, Vivian Creek, on the way down. This hike is a fairly big one, 16 miles and 5500 feet of elevation gain according to some of the sites I’ve checked. Since its so long I decided not to lug along my Nikon D3 and lenses. Instead I brought along my little d70, which is altered for doing infrared photography and a little 24-85 lens. I also had along my olympus s770sw in case I saw something that absolutely needed colour, or it was too wet to shoot with the nikon.

The hike itself went really well. It was fairly overcast and we started up at around 6:30 so it was pretty cool all the way up. I summitted around 11:30 and had a little lunch. We headed down around noon, and reached the canyon at about 3:30. When we got to the canyon we were being rained on fairly hard with lightning all around. The lightning headed away from us and we set off down the canyon. We took our time going down (a few stuck ropes and things) so we finally reached the cars around 7:30.

Anyhow, it was a great day in the mountains, and here are the pictures:


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