a full weekend

from late August 2009:

I’ve been trying to catch up with my pictures since I’ve allowed a bit of a backlog to pile up. The weekend before this last one was a busy one for me, we set up a rope course in a tree in Susan’s backyard, I saw movies, and spent a day out sailing with friends. I took many, many pictures over the course of the weekend, which is one of the reasons I’m a little behind. The night shots of climbing were from Friday night when we started to set up the anchors in the tree. Saturday morning Dennis and I returned, and Dennis put his arborist skills to good use as we set up various anchor points in the tree and practiced ascending and descending. When Susan and Chris return from Burning Man, we’ll get in practice passing knots and setting up guided rappels and that sort of thing, but in the meantime the rope is hanging in the tree waiting for us to return. Dennis and I went to see District nine after this (thus the picture of the parking lot), and then I went home and got ready for my day on the waves.

Around noon on Sunday we all met up in Marina del Rey and boarded the boat we were renting. We motored out of the Marina, which was bustling in the perfect weather. I brought along my waterproof camera case and wetsuit to go swimming with the sea lions, and that was just what we did. Visibility in the water was poor to non existent, but it was a blast anyway. Other then people getting hit with the boom or getting a little sea sick all went well. Everyone took a turn at the helm and we visited a parked oil tanker, rescued a lost hat and 2 lost kids out over their heads (so to speak) on rough waters with a Jet Ski. It was a blast and many pretty pictures were taken.

Without further ado:

Tree climbing and sailing in LA

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