A little taste of LA

From mid September 2009:

Since a lot of you don’t live in LA and have never been there I thought I’d share some pictures from a couple of recent days of shooting I did around LA.

Last weekend I went out for a walk in Venice with Dennis and Susan while we tried out geocaching. For those of you who don’t know what this is think of it as a world wide game of hide and seek mixed with gps technology. Anyhow, while we were out walking I took some pictures of the neighbourhood. There are also a couple of bonus pictures of a praying mantis I found inside my apartment a couple of weeks ago.

Venice canals

This weekend I tried to drive up into the San Gabriels to take pictures of the devastation left by the Station fire, but I was unable to do this since the roads are all still closed. Instead I headed to downtown LA and too pictures of the beautiful LA river (sarcasm alert) and all the graffitti associated with it. Here are the results of that trip.

LA River

Anyhow I hope you enjoy the pictures,


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