a small castle

from June 2009:

On this day it was less of a destination drive then it was just stopping and finding stuff on the sides of the road. On this occasion I found plenty of stuff though. I was driving through the heart of the western fjords from Drangsnes to Isafjörður. On the way I saw fjords and flowers, uplands and waterfalls. There were abandoned farmhouses, which are not fenced off in Iceland. I found one in particular which I had to stop and take pictures of. It was crenelated like a castle and stood right on the shores of a fjord. It would be hard to get any more picturesque. A little further on I found a sheep and her baby stranded on a small grass island by high tide, mocked by a couple of white geese. I was dive bombed by birds and ate some lunch on a cliff high above a fjord. Eventually I reached Isafjörður, where I visited the maritime museum  and found a number of large fishing boats being refitted.

Anyhow it was a day of many photo ops, and here are the results:

Iceland 2009 Day 13 Drangsnes to Isafjörður


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