fog and waterfalls

From June 2009:

On the 14th day of my trip I awoke to a shroud of heavy fog obscuring everything. For photographs that is not actually ideal, but it does present some opportunities, particularly if you climb above the fog layer. My road on that day did carry me up into the mountains as I crossed a number of peninsulas on my way out of Isafjörður to Breiðavík. Climbing from the fjords I found some beautiful light in the sort of twilight region just as I climbed out of the fog. After playing around in that region I continued on my way, keeping an eye out for a road which might take me substantially higher. I found the road I was looking for and drove to the peak of the mountains where a weather station stood. I was surrounded on all sides by an ocean of white. I did what I could to do this beautiful sight justice, but I didn´t really manage to get any pictures of it I was particularly happy with. I did take some time just to sit down and look at the sight though. Eventually it was time to head on down, so I carefully drove back down the rough dirt road to the main highway and continued on my journey. The fog was starting to break up at this point and the sun was shining on a rural valley, which made me pull over to the side of the road every half mile or so to take more pictures. Eventually I got to the impressive waterfall called Dynjandi, which consists of a huge terraced waterfall at the top leading to a number of smaller cascades lower down. It was still cloaked in fog when I arrived so I took my time climbing up to the main falls, knowing it would clear up soon enough. Taking pictures as I went I arrived at the top with the fog still in place. I fiddled around for a while taking pictures and soon enough I was rewarded with clearing clouds. After taking many more pictures I made my way back down, taking more pictures of the lower cascades as I went. It was a blast.

After eating some lunch I headed back out toward the golden sands of Breiðavík. On the way I found the oldest iron ship in Iceland grounded at the head of fjord. I walked around taking a few more rust pictures, then continued to my guesthouse. The sands of the larege beaches in this area don´t seem particularly unique to anyone from California since the colour is exactly what we are used to here, but in contrast to all the black sands and rocky beaches in the rest of iceland they are unique here. After settling in to my guesthouse I wentr out for a walk on the beach. Once again I found the ubiquitous green/blue nets which are scattered over all the beaches in Iceland. The white birds continued to divebomb my head as they protected their nests, and the sand was indeed golden.

And so the day ended as I approached my last couple of days in Iceland.

Iceland 2009 Day 14: Isafjörður to Breiðavík


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