on to the Fjords

From June 2009:

My 6th day on the road, 7th overall, in Iceland saw me driving into the eastern fjords. I always had a picture in my mind of fjords which consisted of sheer cliffs and narrow inlets. That’s not precisely the reality. Since glacial valleys are u-shaped, fjord generally have flattish bottoms. If the water is not high enough to reach the steeper walls, the fjords slope gently out of the water. This is the case with most of the icelandic fjords I saw. Anyhow, this day saw me driving along the shores of these fjords. Along the way I stopped at a house with a huge collections of rocks called Petra‘s. Petra is a woman who has spent her life collecting the many geological wonders of Iceland, and the resulting collection is spectacular. After this I cut through an incredibly long tunnel to get further north. In my driving I encountered many of these tunnels. Rather then exposing the roads to steep climbs and winter snow they have chosen to cut their way through many of the volcanic mountains, which makes a lot of sense. After doing this I cut back to Seyðisfjörður, another fjord, where I found some interesting abandoned boats. To end the day I dove inland down Lagarfljót, a wide river popular as a tourist destination, to see Hengifoss, a waterfall cut into beautifully striated black rock with with bright red bands. This is also the location of the largest forest in Iceland, and they are researching which families of trees will grow best in an attempt at reforestation.

Without further delay, here are the pictures:

Iceland 2009 Day 7: Djúpivogur to Lagarfljót


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