Over the moonlike interior

from June 2009:

I’m just back from a week camping in Seqouia and King’s Canyon and canyoneering into the Kern and its back to work for me today (sigh), but that’s a subject for another email. I’m only up to day 8 in Iceland so I’ll continue there.

This day it was time to leave the eastern fjords and travel across the interior plateau to Mývatn, a volcanic lake in northern Iceland. On the way I crossed over the interior volcanic plateau that comprises most of the Iceland. Not much grows up there, and it is so lunar looking that I´ve heard Nasa used it to train astronauts, although that might be apocryphal. I took a panorama there, and if you want to look at it more closely you might want to click on the picture then clack again to make it extra large or original sized since the small screen does not do it justice.  I saw some raindeer grazing in a field coming down from the plateau so I jumped out of the car to get some pictures of them. They are domesticated in Iceland, but this was the only time I saw them there.

After crossing the interior I visited the volcano Krafla, where there is a huge geothermal power station, and walked across the miles of black lava piles that still steam there. I then drove to Hverfjall which is the largest cinder cone in Europe, and walked around the edge (which was a few miles). Then it was off to the guesthouse to rest up for the next day which was to be my longest day in Iceland.

Iceland 2009 Day 8: Lagarfljót to Mývatn


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