Salton Sea and LA Triathlon

From the beginning of October 2009:

Last weekend I decided to take a drive east to the Salton Sea to find something interesting to take some pictures of. I drove around the sea counter clockwise since I had done it in the other direction the only other time I had visited. The water level was a little lower then it was a few years ago, but it still smelled just as bad. I found that while there was a fair amount of abandoned homes and decaying wrecks, there were far more nice houses and inhabited communities then I thought there would be. There were plenty of birds at the Sonny Bono Wildlife refuge and I saw a huge train with many tanks and other military vehicles on it, which was very cool. Driving north on the east coast of the sea I was stopped at a checkpoint for a while since I didn’t have my Green Card with me and it is very close to the border. I wasn’t expecting any problems since I didn’t plan on crossing any borders, but there you go.

On Sunday I headed down to Venice Beach to check out the triathlon. The waves were huge and the water was cold, and I was glad I wasn’t one of the people getting pounded in the surf. It was fun watching though. Anyhow here are my pictures of urban decay, salt deposits and wetsuits:

Salton Sea and LA triathlon


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