second day in Iceland

from June 2009:

My second day on the road in Iceland saw me leaving the Golden Circle area and heading eastward along the South coast of Iceland. My first stop of the day was at Kerið, a volcanic crater lake, where I hiked around the rim (as I ended up doing with every crater I visited). Next I headed southeast to Fljótshlíð, an area in Southwestern Iceland featured in Njal´s Saga. Here the waterfalls flow off a high plateau into rich farmland. I stopped to investigate a gorgeous 2 stage waterfall there. I next drove back down to highway 1 and headed to one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland, Skógafoss. It was drizzling a little, which was sort of a coals to Newcastle situation since the waterfall itself kicked up so much spray. I regretted not putting my rain pants on when I went to take pictures at the base. By the time I had hiked to the top and and a little way inland to another waterfall I had dried out though. Next I headed to a lighthouse near Vík at Dyrhólaey, which overlooked miles and miles of black sand beaches as well as some beautiful arches under headlands in the ocean. Unfortunately the driving rain made it difficult for me to get any good pictures of the arches, but I took whatever I could. This was pretty much the end of the day for me so I headed to my guest house to get a little rest and edit my pictures from the day. Here are the resulting pictures:

Iceland 2009 Day 3: Fluðir to Vík


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