Sod huts and waterfalls

from June 2009:

My saga continues with a much shorter gallery. This was pretty much a transfer day from Mývatn to Akureyri, the ´Capital of northern Iceland´. On the way I did stop at a couple of places though. First I headed up to Grenjaðarstaður, which was a parish church for the area with supporting outbuildings. These buildings are built as traditional sod houses and preserved as a museum. It was very interesting to see the structure and how they lived in these houses. The sod houses lasted for, at most, 4 generations, and this is one of the main reason for a lack of any very old buildings in Iceland. Anyhow, after visiting the church I continued toward Akureyri and stopped at Goðafoss, a large waterfall along the way. Then I finished the drive to Akureyri. I spent the balance of the day walking around Akureyri and shopping for some books, but I didn´t take any more pictures.

Here it is:

Iceland 2009 Day 10: Mývatn to Akureyri


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