the last days in Iceland

from June 2009:

My second last day saw me taking the ferry from Brjánslækur to Stykkishólmur across Breiðafjörður, stopping at another island called Flatey on the way (see day 8). I stopped briefly at a tiny church called Saurbær on the way, but the rest of the pictures on this day are from the Ferry ride.

Iceland 2009 Day 15: Breiðavík to Grundarfjörður

And finally, my last day on the road dawned cloudy and rainy. I drove from Grundarfjörður to Reykjavík, stopping to take sceneic pictures along the way. I first drove around the tip of Snæfellsnes, stopping at Djúpalónssandur a pretty pebble beach where Icelandic sailors would measure their strength by lifting progressively larger boulders onto a rock shelf. there are also the scattered remains of a fishing vessel wrecked off the coast here scattered over the beach. Next I headed up to my last glacier, Snæfellsjökull, but it was in the middle of a cloud so there was nothing for me to see. On the way up to the glacier I went to a small cave called the singing cave, Sönghellir, where people (and dwarves) had lived in the early years of Iceland.

After this came the anticlimatic drive back to the big city. There were still many interesting things to see on the drive back, but I was trying to get back early enough to drop off my car to the rental agency and my phone to Nordic Visitor, which was the agency that booked my trip and arranged the self guided tour.

In retrospect I probably should have taken a little more time on both of these last 2 days to look around, but live and learn. Anyhow, this brings my photo-retrospective of my trip to Iceland to a close. The next day I left my Guesthouse, caught a bus to the airport and spent a long boring day flying through Minneapolis (the most confusing transport Airport ever) to Los Angeles, but my camera was already packed away in my luggage and I didn’t take any more pictures.

I have to say that Iceland was a gorgeous place, and well worth the time spent exploring it. I might have circled the entire island, but I saw only a small fraction of the fascinating places there were to see there.

Iceland 2009 Day 16: Grundarfjörður to Reykjavík


One thought on “the last days in Iceland

  1. Happy New Year Duff – hoping for great news for you, soon. Love this site and your photos are so breathtaking.. the Iceland series was one I followed carefully and cherish. You are amazing. Congrats and enjoy 2010. Hugs, Martha

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