turf houses and seashore in the northwest of Iceland

From June 2009:

On my 11th day in Iceland I explored the Tröllaskagi peninsula. I Drove north from Akureyri to Dalvik, then continued along the coast to Olafsfjörður. From there I drove through another of the many long tunnels through the mountain as well as driving through the rolling uplands. Eventually I ended up at the historic fishing village of Siglufjörður. The next drive down the east coast of Skagafjörður is notable for the horses that live here. eventually I ended up at another turf house museum at Glaumbær. It was nice to have another chance to take pictures in one of these since the attempt the day before had given me some ideas for pictures I could try with my wide angle lens so I got to experiment a bit. From here I headed further west, stopping at a Dark Ages hill fort at Borgarvirki, and then ending up at the picturesque rock at Hvítserkur at low tide. There were many birds nesting on this rock and the calm water gave me loads of opportunities to play with reflections. This pretty much ended the photography for the day although I finished the drive around the Vatsnes peninsula before reaching my guesthouse for the night.

Anyhow, here the pictures are:

Iceland 2009 Day 11: Akureyri to Gauksmyri


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