Zion in the Spring

Mid April 2009 and it was time to head to Zion again:

Once again I will overload you with pictures. This weekend I managed a brief respite from work to go to Zion with some friends. It is spring there, but there is still snow high up and down in the canyons, so it was drysuit weather. I arrived on Friday, and since it was raining on Saturday we weren’t able to do Spry Canyon which we had planned on. Instead we headed up Angel’s Landing which was beautiful as always. We didn’t go all the way to the top since it started snowing as we reached the base of the steep part. That, along with the possibility of tourists skidding into us on their way down and launching us all into a 1500 ft freefall convinced us to leave the summit for another day. Still, we had a great time. The next day things cleared up for us and we headed out to do Subway with the Das Boot start. This was absolutely spectacular, although exhausting. For some reason sitting in front of a computer with no break for months didn’t prepare me for the miles of hiking and rappelling. Go figure. Anyhow, I brought my good camera into Subway with me for the first time and got some gorgeous pictures, which was worth the sore feet. On Monday it was still clear so we headed into Keyhole canyon. While this is a very short but extremely picturesque canyon, and we had planned to do Pine Creek as well, warm sun, a sore body from the day before and extreme laziness on my part meant we didn’t hit a second canyon. It was a wonderfully relaxing day though, so I figure it was worth it anyway. Rain was threatening on Tuesday so once again we chose to hike instead of doing a canyon in the morning. We headed up to hidden canyon, which obviously isn’t so well hidden, given the number of other people who were there with us, but as long as you were around a twist in the canyon from anyone you might as well have been a hundred miles from the nearest person. A quick hike back down to the shuttle, one last ride wistfully looking at the sandstone monoliths, and we were back at the car and buckling in for the drive back to LA.

I was so relaxed from the weekend away that I didn’t even swear as people cut me off without signalling on my way to work the next day. Awesome!

Anyhow, after the lengthy preamble here are the pictures,


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