a ride down Ballona Creek

from early November 2009:

Saturday morning I had to vacate the apartment since its the day Adela comes to clean, so I took out my bike and my cameras and headed out to document the ride along Ballona Creek. This is one of Los Angeles’ traditional paved waterways, but they seem to be letting them grow back a little toward the wild streams they once were. The river plants are growing along the sides of the stream, and the water birds are present in ever greater numbers. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say the path is crowded on Saturday, its certainly not as empty as it usually is during the week. Los Angeles has also commissioned some beautiful metal gates by a local artist, which picture the stream and its wildlife and I took the opportunity to document a few of these as well. Once you reach the ocean at Playa del Rey, its very nice beachfront for miles, with a brief interlude where the DWP facilities front the water. I followed the path down past the airport to the pier at Manhattan beach and then headed on back.

Anyhow, here are the results, enjoy:

Ballona Creek to Manhattan beach on a Saturday Morning

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