From LA to Yellowstone

In Mid December 2009 Dennis and I undertook a road trip to Yellowstone National Park and back again via Zion. I took many pictures on this trip and I will post them up here one day at a time.

Our first day of driving took us from LA to Salt Lake City where we visited with Karl and Caroline. Their place is a beautiful house at 600o feet or so on a ridge top. We didn’t stay long, just overnight, but we had a fun visit and promised to stop off on the way home.

From SLC we headed on up through a snowstorm to the West Entrance of Yellowstone, where we got rooms at the Kelly Inn, at which we stayed for our entire time in Yellowstone. We found out when we arrived that the Park was not actually open as yet for visitors on Snowmobile or Snowcoach. I hadn’t realized they shut most of the park off twice a year, in December until the snow is deep enough on the roads, and again in March through April 16 to plow the roads for car access. The road from the North to East entrances is open year round, however, so we decided to head up to the North entrance to see Mammoth Hot Springs on our first day. This was a very long drive since there is no direct road between the 2 entrances except the one through the Park, but we eventually made it to the Hot Springs. Since we were essentially during closed season we basically had the place to ourselves which was wonderful. We took our time wandering around and taking pictures until we were all pictured out, then headed further east into the park. We stopped off at Undine Falls and took a few pictures, and then did the short hike into wraith falls, only to find them buried in snow. The sun was setting by this point so we packed up and headed back to West Yellowstone.

Anyhow here’s a sample of what we saw on our trip up and in Northern Yellowstone:

SLC to Yellowstone Dec 2009

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