Snowshoeing from West Yellowstone

Day 2 in Yellowstone:

On the 14th of December, since the Park was still not yet open, we strapped on the snowshoes and headed into the park on foot.The weather had been cloudy so far, but opened up into a glorious sunny day for us as we worked our way East into the park. This was Dennis’ first time on Snowshoes and it was perfect. The snow was deep but not deep enough to make it a slog until we made it 3 and a half miles in to the river side. We then tracked for about a mile and a half along the river where I broke through up to hip deep powder, then it was back into our previous tracks and so easy walking home again. The trees were all laden with white caps and it was a veritable winter wonderland. I took a fair amount of pictures, but I fear I didn’t do the day justice. I did do the best I could, however, and so here are the results.

snowshoeing Yellowstone Dec 2009

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