back to LA

On Dec 22nd we headed back to LA since I had to meet my mother who was coming into the airport on the 23rd. We took one more drive up the valley into Zion, where it was foggy and raining and I got a couple of more pictures to say goodbye:

Zion Fog

On the 23rd my mother flew into LAX and we started to plan out our picture taking for the next few days. Our first photo safari took advantage of the lack of traffic christmas eve as we headed in to downtown LA to take pictures of the bridges over the LA river. What we found first though was Hollenbeck Park, a surprise park across the river from downtown, lying not right beside the 10 and 5 freeways, but underneath them. My mother is very much into architectural photography, and this park was irresistable to her. We wandered around this park for a while then headed over to the first street bridge. By the time we were done there we were all photoed out so we left the other bridges for another time.

LA Parks and Bridges

(thats my mother in her native element)

And if you are interested, here is my mother’s take on the same material:

Wander by the LA River


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