Frank Lloyd Wright and Father Serra

By December 26th, when we drove around LA looking at all the Frank Lloyd Wright houses we could find I was a little burned out. I’d been travelling and taking pictures for almost a month and consequently the gallery for this day has only 8 pictures. We drove by Freeman House, Storer House, tried to find Anderton Court, and may or may not have succeeded and finally ended up at Hollyhock house, which is the only one open to the public with hour long tours and lots of parking. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures inside unless you get special permission, but it was lots of fun never the less. Here are the few pictures I did take on this day:

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

And my mothers pictures (she took many more then I):

Granabby’s photoblog

On the 27th, we decided to drive down to the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. This is one of 9 missions established in California by Father Junipero Serra, a Fransiscan missionary, in the late 1700’s. I was obviously recovered since I took many more pictures on this day then the previous one. We took our time driving down, taking the coastal roads all the way instead of the highway. It was a gorgeous day and we had great weather as usual.

San Juan Capistrano

and again my mothers pictures:

more from Granabby’s photoblog



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