Station Fire devastation

On Wednesday August 6th, 2009, arson caused the beginning of what would become a massive wildfire, known as the Station Fire,  in the Angeles Crest outside Los Angeles. In all 160,577 acres were burned. The once dusty green mountains above Pasadena now look much like the surface of the moon. For months afterward the highway through the burnt section was closed to the public. Recently the road was reopened, although anything offroad is still closed off until October 2010. I had been curious about the results of the fire for months, but now I was able to drive through and see for myself the extents and remnants of it.

I drove up highway 2 and found that the DWP had used the time to good advantage, repairing the highway and adding or enlarging many paved viewpoints along the way. The destruction was complete from La Canada to Redbox and starts to lessen up to just before Mt Waterman. After that there are just some isolated burn areas. The areas further west are completely burned clean of any organic material, and its very sad to see. It seems that some of the deeper, wetter canyons were spared the complete devastation but everything else is gone. Anyhow, here are some pictures of the area to give you an idea of what it looked like.

the burned area


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