Blizzard in the mountains

While the rain was inundating the lowlands up in the mountains it was a blizzard. I headed up highway 3 to check out the upper elevations, but it was closed in La Canada. Instead I headed around the far end of the San Gabriels to Wrightwood to see how far I could get in that direction. The highway was closed just after the Mountain High ski resort, so I parked there, put on the snowshoes, put my head down and headed up the road. The wind was blowing the snow almost horizontally for much of the snowshoe, but it cleared up enough for me to take pictures occasionally. Much of the time I had to squint against the driving snow, pick a landmark, close my eyes and walk for a few metres before squinting open again to see if I was about to walk off the edge of the road. Eventually I found a sign saying the Grassy Hollows visitor center was a mile up the road, so I had a goal. The visitor center sits on a ridge top so the snow was blowing even harder up there, but this made for very interesting snow and ice patterns on the walls facing the prevailing winds. When I eventually got tired of taking pictures of ice crystals I headed back down the road, this time with the wind at my back which was a relief. The forest near the ridge top was a veritable winter wonderland, with white snow covering the uphill sides of the trunk. I took a little time there as well to document the snow and then moved on my way. It was a beautiful spot to have all to myself in a blizzard. I’ll have to go up there and camp sometime.

p.s. I added a little video I shot with my Nikon d300s. I hope it works for you.

blizzard in the San Gabriel mountains

This brings to a close my one week photo essay on rain in Los Angeles, so until El Nino brings back another week of rain I’ll have to find some other things to take pictures of.


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