Low desert to high desert

For our last day in Death Valley the Gaffney-Knoxes and I decided to see the tourist sights and then head home. This meant going to Badwater, the lowest spot in North America, and Zabriskie Point, then driving back through Panamint Springs. Dante’s View was closed due to snow or that would have been a destination as well. The Artists drive was closed from mud slides … well most of the park was not easily accessible. Anyhow, the colours of the park were dark and saturated from the rain, and the mud slides across the road made the drive an adventure. We headed down to badwater, where I was expecting a lake to have formed from the recent rains. This was not the case however, and we walked out into a desert which had the texture of a plowed field. I’m not sure wht created the chaotic topography, maybe freeze thaw or some cracking of the saline crust, but it was certainly a different look. After a nice amble into the lowest basin on the continent we headed back to Zabriskie point and took pictures of the folding many coloured  hills there. Then it was into the car for the drive back to LA. The high passes we went through were snow covered, and perfect for snowballs, and the Joshua Trees in the snow were at the Seussian best. Anyhow, it was a great little trip to Death Valley in unusual weather conditions and a welcome diversion for the family on their way to Brazil.

Badwater and good snow

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