Snowshoeing and Tree Climbing

For the first couple of weekends in March I was still getting used to my new commute to Disney, so I didn’t plan anything too involved. On the 7th Patricia suggested a snowshoe on Mt Pinos, which was entirely new to me so off we went to find it. The road up the mountain was closed, but we parked at the bottom and pointed our snowshoes uphill and followed our noses up the side of the mountain. We crossed the actual trail a couple of times, but we were having so much fun breaking our own trail up the hill that we just kept doing that. After a couple of hours we reached the peak and had a little lunch while we tried to figure out if we were where we thought we were. Eventually we decided that we were indeed on the peak and headed back down along our own trail.

On the 13th of March Dennis and I set out with our bikes and his arborist gear to climb some trees in Big Sycamore Canyon in Point Mugu State Park. After a liesurely ride we got out the big slingshot and shot a beanbag trailing a pull cord over a couple of branches. Using the pull cord we pulled the climbing rope along with a sort of pipe which lies across the branch to protect the tree and allow the rope to run freely over the branch, and then we ascended into the canopy. The looks on peoples’ faces as they hiked or cycled by on the trail were priceless.

Anyhow, here is a very small gallery with a few pictures from these 2 weekends:

Snowshoeing and Tree Climbing

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