climbing High Desert once more

Its been a couple of years since we made it out there, but the weekend before last we finally got a window of perfect weather, along with time to do, it so we headed up to Apple Valley to climb. The rock in High Desert is much like Joshua Tree, but the crystals are not as sharp so its much more comfortable on the skin. Generally its a lot more peaceful as well, but this time there was a Riverside Climbing meetup, so not as private as we might have wished. Still they all seemed to be good folks and concentrated on their climbing so it was all good. We had a wonderful day of climbing culminating in the classic 10b Necessary evil which is a beautiful overhanging arete climbing out of a cave of Gargantuan Honey coloured boulders. This climb is reached by clambering through a labyrinthine cave under the boulders, culminating in a sort of hanging belay, looking a the circle of blue sky as your climber climbs the pinnacle above.

Another wonderful day.

High Desert

(just to remind you, you can click on the above link to go to the gallery, or click on any of the following pictures to do the same. These 3 pictures are not the only ones)

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