Heading to the canyons once more

The canyoneering season is upon us. Unfortunately a lot of the canyons we would be doing at this time are in the closure area from the big fire last year, but Susan and I girded our loins and headed out to Vivien Creek despite the snow we knew we would find there. It was a clear hot day down int he city, but the air got colder and colder as we gained elevation driving into the mountains. When we reached the parking lot I was a little worried that maybe I should have brought our snowshoes, but the snow was hard packed and easy to walk on so it wasn’t too bad. The Creek and the hike up to it have a southern exposure, so most of the snow was gone, but that meant it was running in torrents of barely-above-freezing water down the canyon we planned on descending. As we topped out on the path we began to hear the roar of the creek leaping off the edge of the cliff, and I began to worry that the flow would be too much for us. Fortunately, it was fine. Much more water then usual, but still barely enough to be called a waterfall. Susan suited up in the wetsuit as I prepared the top rappel, and then it was time, and off I went. Waterfall after snowslide after waterfall we descended, laughing like idiots. This thing was so much fun, like a natural water park, except much more interesting then any waterpark that I’ve seen. Too soon we reached the last free-hanging waterfall, where there was no avoiding a soaking. My breath escaped my chest as the freezing water soaked me, but I kept whooping with the breath that I had left as I spun down the nylon rope. I pulled my dry fleece out of the drybag and took off the wet shirt, and life was good.

For this gallery, I’ve managed to catch up with my editing, so the video is included right away. Check it out.

Canyoneering Vivien Creek

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