skills practice in Joshua Tree

Still working on catching up, this is from 2 weekends ago.

Karl was in town from his home in the hills near Salt Lake City, and we were looking for something to do. Sonny Lawrence posted on the canyoneering meetup page about a skills practice in Joshua Tree. Since I hadn’t been up to J-Tree for a while and neither had Karl, we agreed that it sounded like a fun idea and so that was that.

We were meeting up at the Indian Cove camp site at 9:00 am, so this required an early start. I was at the hotel Karl was staying at by 6:00 and off we went. Traffic at this time on a Saturday is great so we flew down the highway, stopping briefly for some food. We made it to Indian Cove buy 8:15 and then tried to find Sonny. After wandering around a little looking for San Bernardino Search and Rescue vehicles we eventually found him. By 9:15 we were all there and geared up and so we headed in to Rattlesnake canyon. This was just a short hike, maybe 25 minutes to the top of the canyon, and a short canyon as well, but we were there to practice anchor building and skills related to that so we stopped at the head of the canyon to run some scenarios. A number of anchors and a few short ascensions with various kinds of gear later we set up the first anchor and started to go down. I’m not used to seeing water in Josua tree so this canyon with water smoothed walls and pools of cool water in shaded terraces was a whole new thing for me. It is definitely a tiny adventure, but an adventure nevertheless. We made our way down the canyon, solving anchor problems as we went.

This was a fun and not too strenuous way to hone our canyoneering skills and meet with old friends and new, and a great excuse to get out to see the desert once more.

(click through on the link below or any of the following pictures to visit the gallery)

Rattlesnake Canyon

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