3 weeks behind again

Well, here it is, 3 weeks since my last post. Despite vowing to keep up with my gallery postings I have 4 more galleries already posted on smugmug to blog about. Ah well. I won’t test your patience by posting them all at once, but I’ll probably keep my posts a little more concise then the last few have been. Also, please remember to click through to the gallery, or you won’t see most of the pictures. I do attach 3 of them to each post, but they are not necessarily the best, just the most topical. Also, if the formatting of the email looks bad, just click on the title of the post and it will take you to the real blog website at wordpress. I will hopefully get through these quickly so I can post the wonderful pictures from my last weekend in t he Eastern SIerra and WHite mountains. If you want to go take a look the pictures are already up at http://www.duffyknox.com Anyhow, on to the blog.

Heading back in time to the oldest gallery we find my trip up Mt Baldy to go down San Antonio Creek. This was another beautiful southern cal day, but the hike up to the drop in point about 2/3 of the way up the mountain was worryingly cold. We had wetsuits, but a few of those with us were a little susceptible to the chill. We stopped at the green hut for lunch, and the wind had died down a little when we headed on down.

This canyon is an open one, more of a narrow, steep sided valley. The hike down it is very pretty, but has a lot of scree skiing. We met with a few neo-glaciers on the way down, which are probably melted by now, but which also demonstrated how cold the water was going to be. After a couple of hours of pleasant rock hopping we reached the waterfalls and suited up. The technical section of this canyon is fairly short, consisting of  five rappels in rapid succession. The second last one is the crux of the canyon, having a narrow neck which forces you directly under the brunt of the waterfall. After taking a beating for around 6 feet you emerge underneath the main flow of the waterfall and the rest is easy.

(please click through on the title or any of the pictures to go to the gallery)

San Antonio Creek

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