Bonita Canyon

2 weeks ago we went to check out a canyon I hadn’t done before, Bonita Canyon. This canyon is a little different in that it is more accessible to the public, and because of this it has been tagged up with graffiti, which is incredibly sad, because it is a gorgeous location. The approach hike is up a steep, loose, dicey slope, which drops you right at the top of the first rappel. The first rappel is an interesting 2 stage rap. The first rappel just takes you down 35 feet or so to an almost hanging rappel off a tree. The second rappel is the most fun of the day. It is a high angle slope which funnels you right under the waterfall. After this is a short 2 level rappel which takes you to the top of the last 200 foot vertical face.

I had my waterproof housing on for this canyon, but the lens housing got severely scratched up on the steep climb up. Because of this all my pictures are a little messed up this time. I definitely have to go back again and take some good pictures. Another strange event on this was the last rappel. When we pulled the rope we found that it had been half cut through from rubbing on a sharp rock. A reminder that we need to keep an eye on sharp edges and always rappel slowly and smoothly right down the fall line if possible.

Anyhow, here are the pictures:

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Bonita Canyon

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