Top ten pictures of 2010 finalists

Hello everyone. I have certainly been remiss through the end of the year on my posts, and I will try to be a little more consistent in the future, but I have still been posting galleries, and in a later post I will enumerate the ones I’ve missed posting about. For now however I need your help once more. It is the time of the year when I break down the best pictures from last year and try to choose the top ten. I have narrowed it down to 25, which was a herculean task, but now I would like some feedback on the last few. Feel free to comment on the ones you like or don’t like either here on at the gallery. You can also just give a thumbs up/down at the gallery on smugmug. The pictures below are just small cropped versions of the real ones, so please don’t judge from them but click through to see the real versions. My gallery is located here (click on the link below):

Best 10 of 2010 finalists

And here are small versions of the pictures. Please click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

Cheers, and the happiest of new years to you all.


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