And the winners are … my top 10 pictures from 2010

And so the winners emerge. This was a bit of a down year for me in that I was so busy with “Tangled” at Disney that I never had a chance to take a long photo trip as I have in past years. The closest I got was a quick tour of Northern California’s National Parks which was a blast and resulted in many good images, but definitely didn’t compare to my circumnavigation of Iceland in 2009 or winter visit to Yellowstone the same year. However, in reviewing my efforts for this year I feel that, despite my low image count the year, that I have progressed at least a little in my exploration of the natural world I find myself in. This is a good thing, and something I can build off in the next year.

And so without further delay, here are my best 10 pictures from 2010. (please click through the title below to see the pictures in their natural habitat at, or just click on the images to take you to a larger version)

My best 10 images of 2010


6 thoughts on “And the winners are … my top 10 pictures from 2010

  1. I love your branch, leaves and lichen shot (is it lichen? first thought moss but perhaps its lichen…).

    Wish I had been able to visit Yosemite as well in 2010, perhaps 2011 will make it possible!

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