2 in one night!

Continuing my effort to catch up I’m now posting about the past weekend when we headed to Yosemite to look for moon light and a pre Valentine weekend. We found both of these, but not much snow. In the past when I have gone to Yosemite in the winter, it has been covered in snow. This time it was more like a nice fall day. This didn’t stop us from hiking and taking pictures, but it was a little disappointing nevertheless.

We first drove through the usual central valley fog to the mountains. Then we went to the gear store in Curry Village to find some spikes for our feet. These are not actual crampons, but small metal spikes embedded in rubber which you can use with and shoes or boots. We were planning on heading up to vernal falls and I expected much ice. As it turned out, there wasn’t much snow or ice until we got almost to the falls themselves. At that point our poles and spikes became very handy indeed. I was planning on heading higher to Nevada falls, but I took too much time taking pictures and we needed to head back down before the sun set. After a wonderful dinner at the lodge we headed out to take pictures by the moonlight. The clouds held off and the moon lit up the valley until it was almost daytime to my camera. We drove around the valley looking for subjects until I was tired then headed back to our room. Since I had flown into San Jose we had to leave earlier on Sunday then I would have preferred. Chris and her family and friends met us for the short walk up to Yosemite falls and I spent all my remaining time taking pictures of the falls and the giant slurpee that the river becomes in the winter. Then it was time to head on out of the valley. It was much too short. It is always much too short.

February in Yosemite

Life is good!!


One thought on “2 in one night!

  1. Duffy,
    I love these pictures especially since Dick and I experienced the same star filled night on our anniversary the Thursday evening before. But we did not adventure out at night to take pictures. We are enjoying seeing all your pictures, they are treasures of the heart. Thanks for seeing and capturing such beauty! Warm thoughts,Pat

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