Still trying to catch up

I haven’t stopped taking pictures but I also haven’t had the usual time I have to post to my blog, I’ll try to remedy this, but I’m not promising anything.

A lot of you have probably already seen the galleries I’ve posted on Facebook, which are the same as the galleries on Smugmug that I will link to here. The difference is that the pictures look much better on Smugmug then Facebook. Be that as it may I’m sorry if these pictures are repeats for some of you.

A couple of weekends ago I headed up to Sequoia with Machelle to do some snowshoeing and generally check the park out. It was gorgeous, but as we drove up the mountains we were worried there wouldn’t be any snow up there since it was all gone from the lower elevations. As it turned out I needn’t have worried. Above 6000 feet there was still plenty of snow, and at around 7000 it was even powder. On our first day we checked out the Tokopah Falls hike from Lodgepole. At 3.8 miles round trip it was a reasonable distance on snowshoes, and it was tracked enough that we weren’t going to get lost. The falls themselves are almost completely frozen, and are wonderful to look at. They also have bolts at the top so ice climbers can set up a top rope to practice their craft. We found 4 of them going at it when we got there and I took a few pictures of them. On Sunday we head up to see the General Sherman tree, which was a slippery jaunt, then headed up the hiking trails from there to visit more of the giant grove. After this we headed down to lower elevations and stopped to check out the rapids running by the road on the way down.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and staying at the lodge in Sequoia in the winter is something I can’t recommend enough.

winter in sequoia




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