A little cave

Hi all. Once again I must apologise for not posting more often … etc etc etc

One of these days I’ll get back onto a regular rhythm. Anyhow, this past Easter weekend I headed up into central California to visit with my Machelle’s parents. They live up in Columbia, a small town near Sonora. This area has a lot of limestone, apparently and so has the traditional limestone features, caves.  Not too far from where we were staying there was a short hike which led to a beautiful stream emerging from a cave. The cave itself is probably about 100 feet long, and is easily swimmable, but the water is very cold and we weren’t prepared to swim that day so I’ll leave that adventure for another day. Anyhow, I did take off my shoes and wade into the wide mouth of the cave to get some shots, and the majority of the pictures in this gallery are the result of that.

I’ve also included a few other pictures from the last couple of months, so anything that doesn’t look like the caves or the path to the caves is from Huntington Gardens, my apartment window, or Devil’s Punchbowl.

A very Wet Cave (don’t forget to click through on this link to see the full gallery)

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