The house of the departed

This weekend I decided I needed to get out to take some pictures. To help with this I googled “places to take photographs in Los Angeles”. One of the resulting links suggested checking out the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Since I had never even seen this place it sounded interesting to me, so after a nice brunch I headed over with Susan joining me out of curiosity.

This is an interesting place, part regular cemetery, part huge filing cabinet for the departed. There is so much marble at this place it should be in rome. As far as movie star graves go the main ones of note are a huge one for Douglas Fairbanks and Douglas Fairbanks jr., and much more modest ones for Johnny Ramone, Fay Wray, Rudolph Valentino, and around 10 or so more that we didn’t find. The main areas of interest for me weren’t these, but the huge mausoleums with miles of hallways filled with tombs of all sizes and persuasions. There is comfortable furniture in some of these for visiting relatives and some great stained glass as well. The mausoleums seem to be constantly growing and we saw a few under construction. Wandering these hallways and postulating relationships and lives for the people we found therein was fascinating, and I even got a few good pictures out of it.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

(don’t forget to click through to see the full gallery since that is the actual point of this blog)

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