Chicago June 2011

I’m just testing out posting from my smugmug site to see how it works.

This weekend I went to Chicago to visit Machelle while she was there for 2 weeks working. I’ve never visited the city before, so its wealth of beautiful buildings was all new to me. We took the architecture Society’s cruise along the river and saw all the old and new buildings there. We visited Millenium Park and walked under the bean. We visited the Art Institute, and had lunch in the funky restaurant there. We saw the Moody Blues in concert at a beautiful outdoor venue. We rode the trains, and walked under the el, we had a drink in the Hancock Building and wandered the streets. All in all it was a total blast and now I can say I have visited chicago. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures.


One thought on “Chicago June 2011

  1. What a great addition to your portfolio! Sounds as if you did have a great time seeing the sights. I admire you perspectives. Keep them coming we love them. Pat

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