I’ve got some catching up to do

Well, my last posting was in July and I’ve certainly taken many pictures since then, but I haven’t written. Mea Culpa. Since my last post, and even prior to it I have had many adventures and outings and taken a few photos. I took a roadtrip up the coast to Vancouver, then inland to Banff, down through Glacier and Yellowstone and back to LA, which I will post about at greater length later. I’ve been to a wedding, rappelled down many waterfalls, climbed here and there had a visit from my niece and nephew, taken a trip to Disneyland with my coworkers, and generally participated in my life. At this point I’m not going to post at detail about most of these galleries, but I will list all the new ones here with a bit of info on each. I will detail the road trip in a separate post.

The week of July 16th my niece Brazil and Nephew Esker flew down from Toronto to spend a week at camp Duffy. They swam and hiked and stand up paddleboarded and visited Universal City and played video games and generally had a good time. We took a few pictures of their time here, and so I present them to you now.

A Brazil and Esker Week

On August 10, 2011, the lighting department from Disney Animation took a day trip to Disneyland. Fun was the order of the day and I think we succeeded in reaching our goal. Rides were ridden, meals were had and pictures were taken. Here they are:

Disneyland day trip

I’ve visited a few canyons in the last months, though I haven’t gotten outside as much as I would like. Anyhow, here are a few of them:

Seven Teacups

the Middle Fork of Lytle Creek

Supercloud Canyon

And the wedding:

Andrew and Andrea’s Wedding


In my next post I will detail my road trip. In the meantime I hope you enjoy some of these pictures.



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