New Year in the desert

I want to start off the year properly, and not be such a laggard in posting about my pictures, so here is a post about my New Years weekend.

On the New Years Eve weekend Machelle and I headed up to Joshua Tree to enjoy the spectacular weather, take pictures, and climb.

The morning we left there was a dense fog in Culver City and I went out and took a few pictures.

Once the fog cleared and Kieth arrived we headed off to the park. Joining us at the camp site were Kim and Kieth

and later Tim.

We also met up with Stephanie and Patrick to do some climbs the first day,

and to go through a cave on the last day.

In between we explored the desert, climbed many rocks, had camp fires, and generally had a great time. Machelle did her very first trad lead on “the eye” 5.3 on cyclops rock, and was extremely excited. For those of you who don’t know what “trad lead means it means climbing up some thing on lead (without a rope already attached to the top of the climb) placing your own gear (active and passive protection) and setting up an anchor on the top from which to either belay your follower, or rappel down. The “trad” is short for traditional.

As you can imagine, this is quite a mind game, and Machelle did a great job.

We took some time on the first night to wander in the night near our campground at Black Rock Canyon campground, and did some experimenting with light painting.

Joshua tree national park is a very special place, and I really need to spend some more time there if I can carve it out in the future. But in the meantime, I hope you will head over to may gallery and enjoy the pictures:

Joshua Tree New Year

happy new year one and all.




3 thoughts on “New Year in the desert

  1. what an incredible place …I LOVE the first picture…….the stars look amazing

    Have a wonderful and exciting 2012 Duffy….and Warren and I look forward to viewing more amazing pictures

    Happy New Year Duffy!

    hugs Warren and heidi

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