Easter weekend in Yosemite

It’s April and I haven’t posted since January. I haven’t been getting out to take many pictures and I blame a lack of winter. Being busy at work an home has not helped. I will try to catch up in this post.

This last weekend Machelle and I headed up to visit her folks in Columbia, CA. On the way we stopped at Yosemite to take some pictures. After a late night there we decided to avoid the crowds on Saturday and head to visit Hetch Hetchy reservoir (the “other yosemite”. There were few people there and it was a beautiful hike. There is an ongoing discussion about draining this reservoir and returning it to its original state as a glacial valley. I won’t weigh in on this at the moment, but it would sure be interesting to see the valley as it was.

Yosemite at Easter

A few weeks back I went out with some friends to do a canyon at night. After work I headed up to Little Santa Anita canyon and got geared up. It was still light as we headed up the trail, and we reached the drop in point at twilight. On went the wetsuits, the headlamps lit up, and we headed down. Everyone was experienced and we moved through the canyon quickly. The water level was reasonable from a rain on the weekend, but rather low for the time of year. We rapped, hiked and downclimbed for about 2 hours and reached the bottom none the worse for wear.

A night descent 

In February Susan, Machelle and I managed to escape over to Lytle Creek for a hike. I was hoping to get some pictures of a frozen waterfall, but no such luck. Despite the lack of ice we had a great hike and got some nice pictures.

up Lytle Creek

That about takes care of my time since New Years. I did get out skiiing once, and stand up paddleboarding once, but didn’t document either of those. I’m determined to get out for more adventures and photo expeditions soon, but we shall see what happens.





2 thoughts on “Easter weekend in Yosemite

  1. Hi Duffy,
    Your pictures, as always, were just beautiful. I really feel I’m in the open air when I view them. Hope you and Machelle are doing well.
    Love, Phyllis

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