Easter weekend in Yosemite

It’s April and I haven’t posted since January. I haven’t been getting out to take many pictures and I blame a lack of winter. Being busy at work an home has not helped. I will try to catch up in this post.

This last weekend Machelle and I headed up to visit her folks in Columbia, CA. On the way we stopped at Yosemite to take some pictures. After a late night there we decided to avoid the crowds on Saturday and head to visit Hetch Hetchy reservoir (the “other yosemite”. There were few people there and it was a beautiful hike. There is an ongoing discussion about draining this reservoir and returning it to its original state as a glacial valley. I won’t weigh in on this at the moment, but it would sure be interesting to see the valley as it was.

Yosemite at Easter

<a href=”http://www.duffyknox.com/Personal/vacation/Yosemite-at-Easter/22374998_mwggq5#!i=1788346240&k=vWnCC7t&lb=1&s=A&#8221; title=””><img src=”http://www.duffyknox.com/Personal/vacation/Yosemite-at-Easter/i-vWnCC7t/0/L/120406-yosemite-easter-0170-L.jpg&#8221; title=”” alt=””></a>

<a href=”http://www.duffyknox.com/Personal/vacation/Yosemite-at-Easter/22374998_mwggq5#!i=1788349011&k=f42krbp&lb=1&s=A&#8221; title=””><img src=”http://www.duffyknox.com/Personal/vacation/Yosemite-at-Easter/i-f42krbp/0/L/120407-yosemite-easter-0261-L.jpg&#8221; title=”” alt=””></a>

<a href=”http://www.duffyknox.com/Personal/vacation/Yosemite-at-Easter/22374998_mwggq5#!i=1788353087&k=VpnBVn7&lb=1&s=A&#8221; title=””><img src=”http://www.duffyknox.com/Personal/vacation/Yosemite-at-Easter/i-VpnBVn7/0/L/120407-yosemite-easter-0403-L.jpg&#8221; title=”” alt=””></a>


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