gibbous moon over the cliffs

Last weekend we decided to celebrate the “supermoon” by camping out at New Jack City and climbing for the weekend. We headed up Friday night to make sure we got one of the campsites. Since I was last there they have cleaned the place up considerably and made some beautiful campgrounds. OHV’s are no longer allowed, and camping is only allowed on the prepared sites. The whole area is much quieter then I remember it being and there were not too many people climbing there on this weekend. On Saturday Machelle and I rose early and got on the wall before anyone else was around. We managed to get 2 climbs in before a couple of groups came in and took over the warmup portion of Raven Rocks. We decided to move on. We were waiting for Tim and Uri to come up and join us so we didn’t leave raven rocks, but went around front and climbed “espresso”. As Machelle was cleaning that climb Uri and Tim arrived and we went off to do some more climbing. After another couple of hours we retired to our campsite for a late lunch. The new roofs they have over the picnic tables provide great shade, and the temperature was quite reasonable. After eating we moved over to crossfire crag and did another couple of climbs. By that time we were more then ready to stop for the day so we headed back to camp and made dinner. Susan arrived in time for dinner and we had a great meal. After eating and waiting for moonrise, the guys headed back to town and I wandered and took some pictures. I found a trail leading from our campsite to the top of the hills and blissfully absorbed the silence and moonlit vistas. I hadn’t hiked at the top of the hills before, but in this lighting situation it looked haunting and ghostly. A wonderful memory now. I walked back down to the camp, tired and ready to sleep. We sat be the campfire for a while then headed to bed.

Sunday we woke and made breakfast then packed the cars and headed to the cliffs. I decided since we had an odd number of people I could take some time and do some climbing photography, which I haven’t done for a while. We did some climbs at Boy Scout wall, then moved to the unique tower known by various names, but which I will call the twisted dick. I lead up the fun climb to its peak then took time to get some pictures of Susan and Machelle. After this climb we followed the path along the ridgeline of the hills back to our original campsite. A lunch and a few more climbs and it was time to leave.

Climbing New Jack City

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