Once more into Lytle

The middle fork of Lytle Creek, at the west end of the San Bernardino mountains, (or the west end of the San Gabriels, it is unclear) is one of my favorite places. This weekend, with the solar eclipse looming it was time to head outside and, since Machelle has never been down this canyon, we knew where it was we wanted to go. The temperature Sunday morning was perfect so Susan, Machelle and myself loaded up the 4runner and headed out.

The link I included above is a little outdated, since bolts have been placed in the water course the whole way down, which allows rappels down the waterfalls all day, hooray.

On the hike up Machelle was feeling a little sick, so we took our time. This turned out to be great because the light was perfect for taking pictures on the last waterfall. The flies were out on the hike up and down, but not ass bad as I have seen them, and it was great in the canyon itself. When my friend Dennis and I first descended this canyon years ago, there was an avalanche that had blown down the mountainside about halfway down the canyon which left tangled tree trunks about 10-15 feet deep. This last spring finally cleared the trees completely out of the canyon, which left that part much more pleasant but deposited some trees in the beautiful hanging granite bowl in the middle of the 3rd and second last rappels. This bowl is also a little more full of debris then in past years which means the water is no longer over your head in this one. This is made up for on the second rappel of the day where the granite bowl is about 10 feet deep. It is beautiful!

After the perfect light and hike down we were privileged to get a great view of the solar eclipse on the way home. We projected the eclipse on the door of the car with the wole in a paper trick and then the marine layer in culver city let us look at it directly through a layer of clouds. Very cool.

Anyhow rather then blather on about the peaceful sun dappled canyon and smooth granite waterfalls I’ll get on with posting the pictures. Cheers!

canyoneering the middle fork of Lytle Creek

(remember to click through the above link to see the whole gallery and view pictures at their original size)

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