Family in Canada

Hello everyone,

I have been busy traveling and then enjoying the Holiday season (as I hope you all are as well) and I now have a backlog of pictures to show as well as a request for input, but that can wait for a couple of posts from now.

To start off, Machelle and I went on a trip to Canada to visit my family and I took a few pictures while I was there. We started in Toronto where we stayed with my sister Hilary in her lovely house near high park. We had an early holiday dinner with family there, and explored downtown Toronto a little, along with a visit to the top of the CN tower. After a night out at a cool Ping Pong Bar (really) called Spin Toronto, we headed north to visit my father in Collingwood. We had a quick visit there, then headed east through Algonquin (hoping for snow, but not really getting any) to Ottawa.

In Ottawa we walked across the river to Hull and back, shopped for hats and had another early holiday dinner with the rest of the family. Then it was time to head back to LA for a day before flying to Hawaii, but that is for another post …

Ottawa and Toronto in December

I took Machelle for a walk through the U of T campus.
Machelle on the campus of the University of Toronto, with the CN Tower in the background.

Eaton Centre Christmas lights
The Eaton Centre decorated


A Kate christmas tree is always gorgeous
Christmas tree decorations in Collingwood


My father and Kate out for a stroll
Robert (my father) and Kate


Foam on the water (and fire in the sky)
Foam on the Ottawa River


the wall of the museum of civilization in Hull
The museum of Civilization


Graffiti on the Ottawa River
chaos and order?


These pipes went in all kinds of crazy directions, venting steam everywhere.
these pipes kept venting steam everywhere. pretty cool.


gallery of unknown artists
self expression


Chaudiere rapids
Chaudiere falls


Snowing in the byward market
A little snow in the market


Icy walk below the Chateau Laurier
The Chateau Laurier reflected in the ice


Flying back in to LA. Oh well.
Coming home

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