Bounding through the snow

Soon after returning from Hawaii, it was time to head up to the Central Valley in California to visit Machelle’s family for christmas.First we headed up to Columbia to stay with Machelle’s parent for a couple of days and to seek out snow. We were lucky and it was dumping pretty well in the Sierra, so we hopped in the 4runner and went up Sonora Pass. eventually we found a quiet place with lots of snow and enough space to pull over and we unleashed Taz.

This Lab loves snow. He travels through it like a dolphin leaping out of the water on the nose of a ship. We also brought his frisbee along so we had a good time tossing it for him to get. We pulled out the snowshoes and did a short hike, then tossed the frisbee until he was tired.

A gorgeous day.

Taz in the Snow

trees in the mist

Portrait of a happy dog


Heavy winds

Breaking through

Okay, he doesn’t look quite sane here 😉

Be sure to check out the video in the gallery on Smugmug.

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