The best pictures of week 1

While I picked a single picture for each day of January so far, I also had many others which could easily have made the grade. Here is a gallery with those pictures in it.

week 1

(remember to click through here to get the whole gallery, there are 31 pictures there)

moonrise over New Jack City

sunset over Malibu

detail parking garage in Culver City

Taz under the lights

an unhappy raccoon

Ice detail

Icy arch

More ice detail

3 girls (read the label)

One thought on “The best pictures of week 1

  1. Hi Duffy, These are great! I particularly love the one of the 3 Girls. That Malibu Sunset was stunning. I’m enjoying you 365 challenge and hope you keep up your weekly picks. Would you send the View through my Glass to Dick along with you daily post also. That way I don’t need to forward them to him or show him on my IPAD. Still struggle trying to save email pictures on my IPAD – I created an album – Duffy’s 365. Cole was a real help when they come up Friday for the day. He and Dick took their new tri-pods and went on a photo shoot around Sonora dn Columbia. Love the photos – keep them coming, love, Pat

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